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Since my youth I was looked after by professional masseurs as an athlete, Thai massage was always a pure wellness theme for me. After three disc operations, including stiffening of some vertebrae, I had to have an operation on my shoulder in 2006. The diagnosis was impingement syndrome. A bit frustrated I decided to take a holiday before the operation and flew to Thailand to visit a friend.

The Thaimassage shops there are usually very touristy and simple, if you have ever been to Thailand you know that. Entrusting them with my problems was out of the question for me. At some point I saw a very attractive looking massage shop and thought, come and try it out.

I was given a two-hour massage by a very “stocky” older lady. She then massaged me on both shoulders for two hours. The massage was really painful, but I noticed that it was getting better and so I let the procedure pass over me. It was hard, I sweated and was pretty exhausted, but the pain was worth it, I went out there completely painless!

The operation was no longer necessary, but there was one problem: flying to Thailand once a month was a bit too expensive. There were many Thai massage shops in Frankfurt, but either the massage was not good, you couldn’t find peace, the towels weren’t fresh or … well, I could not find a place I liked.

When I met my current wife Som in 2009, she was in charge of a massage department in a hotel, it was soon clear that we would open a professional Thai massage practice one day. After long planning and searching for the right object, we are now active in Frankfurt since April 2015. With our team of masseuses with many years of experience we are pleased to offer Thai massage as a medically effective form of massage in a clean and pleasant atmosphere.

We are convinced that with our attitude of professionalism and service we can offer many people not only a short break from everyday stress, but also help effectively with real ailments.

From Mon. – Fri. and from 11:00 – 14:00 hrs.
we offer you the following specials:

60 minutes aroma oil massage for 54,00 Euro

90 minutes aroma oil massage for 79,00 Euro

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Hygiene Rules

Please note that there is a separate entrance and exit.

Please ring the bell and wait outside the door until it opens.
Please disinfect your hands before entering. Dispensers and instructions are provided at the entrance.
Entering is only allowed with a face mask. If you do not have a face mask, we will provide you with one on site, in front of the door. We have FFP1 masks through which you can breathe easily. Please note that the mouthguard must be kept on at all times, even during treatment.
There is a minimum distance of 1,50m which has to be kept, we have arranged our waiting chairs accordingly, please only take a seat there. People living in the same household are welcome to sit next to each other, seats are also available.
Unfortunately we have to do without our tea, we will provide you with bottled water.
The same applies to the foot bath, we will clean your feet in the room with hot towels before the treatment.
Disinfectant dispensers are placed in front of the rooms, please be sure to clean your hands when leaving the massage room.